Please note: These policies may be updated/change based on changes to the government’s response to the ongoing pandemic.

All drivers and spectators must adhere to COVID-19 guidelines as laid out by the Government and BRCA.

BRCA guidelines can be found here.

Failure to comply could result with your exclusion from the event.

Key Changes:

Any persons in local restrictions/lock-down please do not entre.

-Any Covid symptoms, or if you are self isolating , please do not attend the meeting. 

-All drivers must bring their own Hi-Viz waistcoat and gloves to wear during marshalling.

-All drivers and spectators must bring their own face masks, these must be worn at all times whilst inside the venue with NO exception.

-All drivers and spectators must comply with social distancing guidelines as laid out by the Government.

-A one way system will be in operation within the hall and venue.






*** It is essential you read this document

in full and familiarise yourself with the contents. ***

This race series will not be operating in a way you are used to as we need additional safeguarding procedures due to COVID19, and these are necessarily tailored to the venue.

Our procedures will, therefore, differ from other race meetings COVID19 safeguarding procedures.

This document contains instructions and procedures you must adhere to.

Failure to follow these instructions will result in you being asked to leave the meeting to ensure everyone’s safety.


Do not attend if you have symptoms

Please familiarise yourself with COVID symptoms via the NHS website. If you or anyone in your household has symptoms do not attend the meeting.

If you have been contacted by the NHS track and trace system and asked to self-isolate, do not attend the meeting.

Only attend the meeting if you have been adhering to COVID19 laws and guidelines to the best of your ability and have not taken unnecessary risks.


If you are in a location that is in lockdown please do not attend, and notify us at or via the essexcarpetclash Facebook page.


If you become unwell at the event

Should you or anyone in your party at the event become unwell please notify the organisers by email or private message via Facebook and leave the event as a group immediately.


If you notice people not observing guidelines

It’s important people feel comfortable with reminding others to observe social distancing and wear a face mask at all times.  Helping others by reminding them to take a step back will be appreciated by everyone.


Items you must bring with you

All drivers must provide the following items of equipment for themselves:

  1. A face mask to be worn at all times you are in the venue.  No exceptions.
  2. Facemasks for any other people accompanying you.  (We ask this to only be parents or guardians)
  3. A hi-viz waistcoat or jacket – to be worn at all times while marshalling, so please have this while you are on the rostrum racing, so you can marshal directly after your run.
  4. Gloves for marshalling. Working type gloves that can grip a crashed car safely, not latex type gloves.
  5. A bottle of hand sanitizer.

We are unable to provide these items for you and it is unacceptable to share. Please make sure you bring them with you.


Arrival, Pitting

Like previous years, we ask that you do not entre the hall before 8am!  (we have a lot to do) and in these times, we now need to seat people correctly.  We know you are all egger to get in 😉

If you wish to pit next/close to another, please queue with them, while lining up outside along the wall of the building, while social distancing.

Your temperature will be checked when you enter and please use the hand sanitizer at the door.

Once you have your pitting space, there will be a one way system in place for you to follow.  This will be in operation throughout the day and also while setting up/packing up.



There will be onsite power; you must supply your own extension leads. Please be respectful of others when placing/setting these at your pit space.



Hot and cold drinks will be available to purchase.  There is no onsite café, so you will have to bring your own packed lunch.


Spare Parts and Trade Support

There is no official trade retail support at the venue on the day. Some traders may have some supplies with them, but please be mindful that if you need parts, it is likely you’ll need to have brought them with you.


Race Day Format

Doors open:                                                                            8.00am

Practice in heat order:                                                             8:30am

4x round by round qualifying from:                                          9:45am

3x final from:                                                                           2:00pm

Winners plaques and sweets award giving                            5:00pm


General Rules

We are following BRCA rules.

Drivers points will be scored on your finals results, your best 2 from 3 legs, (or 2 from 2).  1 addition point for QT.  4 round scores from the 6 meetings will count towards the overall driver’s championship.


Before and after your race

The rostrum along with the venue will have a one way system in operation.  You will line up to go on to race making sure social distancing is adhered to.  You will set your car down in the ‘put down area’ and will be able to complete one lap before lining up at the start grid.  After your run, you will collect your own car from the pull off area and place your car and handset under the rostrum, before going to marshal at your post.  After you have marshalled you will collect your car and handset and go back to your pitting space.


Please also note:

Because you will be going directly from your heat to marshal you should also wear/have with you, your hi-viz and your work gloves.


Race Results

We will NOT be printing any paperwork.

Please don’t loiter by the timing screen at race control as this will make social distancing more difficult for everyone.

We are looking to have Heats, FTD’s and results available LIVE online, TBC.


Podium Pictures

This will done at the end of the meeting when the winners can collect their plaques and sweets.  The top 3 in the A final will be pictured, but spaced apart.  All must wear masks!



Cancellations can only be made up until 3 days before the event day and is subject to a £3 cancellation fee per driver per event.

Should the event/meeting not proceed due to actions out of our control, a full refund will be made after the cancelled event date.


COVID Emergency Contacts

If you are feeling unwell on the day, please contact or private message the Facebook page, before leaving the event as quickly and as safely as possible.


Event Officials

Race Director:                                     Richard Thorpe

EssexCarpetClash Promoter:           Chris Delves

EssexCarpetClash associates:          Richard Thorpe, Chris Delves, Ellis Stafford, David Thorpe, Matthew Stenhouse, Greg Stevens, Andrew Nicholas.


Other information

The BRCA governs our sport in affiliation with Motorsport UK, the governing body for all four-wheel motorsport in the UK.

Motorsport UK has decided to allow motorsports events to take place from 4th July 2020 and has set out instructions for complying with COVID-19 guidelines. The BRCA has adapted those instructions for our events.

EssexCarpetClash events are going ahead on the dates published under that mandate and to those guidelines.